Acoustic dispensing tools

Amplifiers are necessary to actuate piezoelectric dispensers. This is a specially developed operational amplifier for controlling piezoelectric (acoustic) dispensers. In addition to the amplifiers, we also sell the piezoelectric nozzles, stroboscopes and mechanical mounts that can fit on the LabBot.
  • PCB fits the Teensy3.2 open source microcontroller
  • Source code is available and easy to modify
  • Command line library

The command line library for sketch (sketch is downloadable for customers, please ask):

volt (0-4095 12 bit scale up to 92 volts) 
pulse (microseconds)
frequency (Hz)
drops (number) 
setflag (1 - set analog trigger  0 - turn off analog trigger)
leddelay (set delay from dispense and led turn on)
ledtime (set time led is on)
stroboscope (turn on stroboscope)