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HTSR antibody database and biochip designer

One of the biggest challenges in designing antibody based biochips is to identify the appropriate antibodies that can provide the clearest sample to answer read out. There are multiple variables associated with this process. In addition, to whether the antibody will actually work in the assay, there are also inconsistent nomenclature issues. We have cases where vendors use accession that do not match up to uniprot ids, deprecated accessions and even no accession numbers which in this case we rely on the descriptions which can also be inconsistent.

So this project has been focused on trying to organize the annotations that relate to the targets that these commercially available antibodies are reacting to, and our shop has been assisting OneWorldLab who is distributing these products in small volume testing aliquots.

In addition to sorting out the annotation ambiguity, we are also providing an antibody microarray fabrication service that allows you to pick and choose from this antibody collection. This enables you to test antibodies in a small (ie., 0.25mm diameter but the spot diameter is adjustable) dot blot format. Currently we are offering:

  • Up to 24 different antibodies that can be selected
  • You keep the antibodies tubes we aspirate from
  • Up to 20 slides having 16 replicate arrays (2 columns by 8 rows - 9mm spacing) = total 320 arrays
  • Antibodies spotted in triplicate

We however are set up adapt our fabrication process to meet your needs (please see our dispensing capabilities) so if you have a particular request, please contact us.

Ultimately this is our way of economizing your research by providing a scalable small assay format using reagents that consistently characterized so that you can more effectively decide what you need.

Our goal is to allow for both high level (pathways, disease correlations) and low level (gene name, symbol) searching using a simple search interface that is both very accurate and fast.

Please give it a try:

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