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Cloud based CAD content management subscription service

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Develop CAD in the cloud
Create shapes using open-source code (like SCAD or CSG) or you can upload STL files that are made using other programs. Upon upload these files get translated into CSG formatted coordinates. These files can be rendered back into STL and sliced for 3-D printing.
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Design, organize and manage 3-D CAD for 3-D printing using our low cost subscription based cloud service. With this service there is not need to install software. Securely save your sensitive printing settings and learn free to use open source SCAD snd CSG techniques for 3-D modeling using our easy to use educational reference material.
This tool allows you to:
  1. Upload STL files
  2. Create and annotate projects
  3. Use SCAD and CSG to design CAD
  4. Slice and store slicing parameters for printing
  5. Select adjust printing layers
  6. No need to install software