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LabAutoBox Manual

While it is designed to work with the LabBot, this is a controller that can also work with different types of robotic gantries. The box is positioned inside this aluminum extrusion frame that includes modules used for liquid handling 8-channel pipettes. Figure 1. The electronic box and computer is positioned in the aluminum extrusion frame that supports the microfluidics (multichannel syringe, 4-way valves, peristaltic pumps and pressure compensation vessel)  LabAutoBox System

LabAutoBox electronics

  1. Re-ARM RAMPS motion controller for XYZ motion
  2. Microfluidics controller for controlling the wash, dry and pressure compensation pumps (including liquid level sensor)
  3. 4-way valve servo controller
  4. Syringe pump motion controller
  5. RaspberryPi that runs the LabAutoBox user interface

LabAutoBox software

This is a browser-based user interface hosted by the RaspberryPi. The architecture is based on Internet-of-things (IoT) that uses a messaging protocol that streamlines synchronized interfacing with other devices (ie., cameras and other robotics).

This online technical resource serves as a reference for learning how to work with the LabAutoBox whether it be to control a LabBot or upgrade another liquid handler system or repurpose a 3D printer to do liquid handling.

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