Software engineering, 3-D printing, instrumentation design and documentation

Engineering services

HTS Resources provides a broad range of consulting services:

  • CAD design - Custom CAD designs are developed with OpenSCAD which is an open source tool and the code for adapting it is part of the deliverable which can be independently adapted using this free to use software. OpenSCAD is code based CAD. OpenSCAD is code based CAD design software which has similar to syntax to JSCAD and Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG.js. Our CAD management software for 3-D printing compliments this service by storing the file and showing how they can be adapted when needed.
  • 3-D printing (Please check out quote generator tool) - From printing single units to building "botfarm" fabrication centers, the LabBot 3-D printers can be set up to provide a variety of options. These systems can be adapted to print a variety of different inks. Fast turn around times are provided. CAD designs and 3-D printing optimized slicing parameters can be stored using our CAD management software. Additionally, custom Gcode development and related graphical user interfaces for optimizing the fabrication process can be delivered through the automation scheduling software whether hosted online or delivered running on a RaspberryPi computer.
Related Products/Services
  • Prototyping - Building 3-D printers and creating laboratory automation processes is great exposure to work with mechanical, electrical, software and experimenal assay developmental skills. These services work with open source tools like (OpenSCAD, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Fritzing, Python, PHP) to rapidly and inexpensively deliver prototypes.
  • Patent search and drafting - USPTO registered patent search and drafting is available. Prior searching, annotated mechanical drawings and claims drafting is available to support the prototype development and fabrication processes.