LabBot3D - Electronics

  • Electronics positioned underneath system
  • Arduinos based: one Uno and one Mega
  • Azteeg X5 mini motion controller with Smoothieware
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Chromebox with Ubuntu Linux - 4G RAM and 64G SSD hard drive
  • Analog camera that runs on Raspberry Pi
  • Firmware and software support for controlling:
    • XYZ gantry
    • Linear actuator
    • Analog trigger camera
    • Linear encoders
    • 4 conveyer beds
    • Syringe pump and valve
  • Open source browser based software and customized support
    Much of the components are over the counter products like RaspberryPi, Arduinos, Azteeg X5 mini and the Chromebox. But in addition do that there are some PCB boards for interfacing with special electronics components (like the stepper motor drivers, voltage regulators and amplifier). The Chromebox has been given more memory both RAM and hard drive from the base 2G RAM and 16G hard drive.

    Asus Chromebox with Ubuntu Linux
    chromebox computer for running LabBot3d
hackable electronics for bioprinter

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