LabBot3D - Configuration Resource

    Standardized operating procedures (SOPs) are established experimental protocols that scientists use in order to reliably report data. The aim is create an instrumentation dataset from the mechanical assembly, electrical design, firmware and software interface using open source tools (Python, PHP, Processingjs, Node.js, OpenSCAD, Fritzing, Arduino, Ubuntu Linux and RaspberryPi), and the structural elements are aluminum T-slot extrusions (further info on how these tools used). This technology is straightforward to document and easy to modify.
Base System - $7500

This builds the main box and the frame that is built around it. The main box supports the X-Y CoreXY chassis.

Moving bed - $600

For some applications, it is useful to have a z directional moving bed. It is possible to adapt the system to have this feature, shown here.
  • 2 Stepper motors direct drive lead screw (1 on each side)
  • 4 smooth rods and 8 LM8UU linear bearings (2 and 4 on each side respectively)
  • Additional motion controller (Optional please ask for details)
8 multichannel module - $850

This configuration is for loading/unloading 8 disposable pipette tips. Please inquire about the types of pipettes you want to use.

Microfluidics - $2500

In cases of pipette recycling, provided are solutions for dispensing fluidic waste, wash and drying the dispensers. In this case it is helpful, to include a pressure compensation vessel that maintains the liquid level at the dispenser orifice. This is also needed when using piezoelectric dispensers that can be used for microarraying (dispensers and amplifiers).
Imaging - $350

This is an adjustable camera mount that fits on the gantry shuttle. The camera case fits a RaspberryPi camera but cases have been made for other cameras too. More details here.