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Macro Designer

Labautobox program design macro designer.PNG

LabAutoBox macro designer this is a tool that allows you to create and assemble preexisting macros.

  • Insert custom macros
  • Inserting wash command list
  • Valve positioning list
  • Motion positioning list position to specific objects. Load/remove pipette tips
  • Wash/waste/pressure compensation control
  • Thermal block control list
  • Camera control lists

Each of these different types of commands can be inserted into Macro assembler tool at the bottom of this page. The assembler tool allows you to resort the macros if necessary once the macro list is acceptable this can be saved and run which is done using Edit/Run Macro page.

The tool uses the MQTT pubsub messaging system. One of the issues with it is when the subscriber (the python schedular) runs long routines this subscriber needs to be restart. There is a function that can be inserted into the macro list that restarts the scheduler when the process is finished.