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Edit/Run Macro

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This tool collects macros from the Macro Assembler on Build Macro so macros need to be selected and submitted here so that they can be run on the Edit/Run Macro page. After saving the macro the text is displayed on the text box on the Edit/Run Macro page. There it can be run or edited and saved as a custom macro.

The code syntax is based on Gcode (although there are custom commands for microfluidics, syringe pump, camera and valve controller but the schedular calculates the time when each command is finished. Sometimes this can be imperfect so the timing algorithm can bypassed by appending the command with an _(time). Something like this:


The Edit/Run Macro tool is designed to optimized a process and once its good to go, you can save it as a customized macro that can be selected from the Build Macro page.