Acoustic (Inkjet) Printing Tools

Sound can be used to generate small droplets in the picoliter range which is advantageous for formatting small volume scale bioassays. Amplifiers are necessary to actuate piezoelectric dispensers and we have developed a low-cost Arduino compatible circuit for this application. This is a specially developed operational amplifier for controlling piezoelectric (acoustic) dispensers. In addition to the amplifiers, we also sell piezoelectric nozzles, stroboscopes, and mechanical mounts that can fit on the LabBot.

Operational amplifier for piezoelectric dispensers
This is a power supply (left) that works with operational amplifiers (right). The operational amplifier is a Teensy 3.2 shield (but can work other Arduino type microcontrollers that have a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) pin.

The power supply comes with a case that makes it possible to connect up to 4 operational amplifiers. 

stroboscopes, piezoelectric dispensers
Piezoelectric tools for 3D printers. We have dispensers and stroboscopes that can work with 3D printing toolchains

The piezoelectric dispensers generate around a 400pl droplet but this can be adjusted by modifying the voltage, pulse width, and frequency which are parameters that can be controlled through the amplifier user interface. Custom stroboscopes are available for visualizing droplets in flight.