CAD Design and Slicing Tool

The purpose behind this product is to combine 3 separate program applications (Design, STL slicing, and 3D printing control) into 1. So this tool is a type of plugin that works with the LabBot Scheduler Software that allows the user the ability to combine 3D printing techniques with lab automation program design. 

LabBot Robotic Scheduler software CAD rendering, slicing plug in
LabBot CAD rendering software plug. This interface allows for rendering, slicing, and printing. With this, you can create shapes and edit uploaded STL files

The tool is designed to be a “one-stop shop” where lab automation scheduling and 3D design, slicing, and printing can be performed. It makes a streamlined experience where the user just has to learn one software rather than trying to figure out how many work.  There are easy to access documentation with adjustment parameters.  With this approach, templates can be made and modified in order to optimize methods. Furthermore, it serves as a convenient teaching tool for people to learn how to develop both 3D printing and lab automation skills. 

LabBot 3D robotic scheduler software includes a slicing tool
LabBot 3D rendering tool includes a slicing page that includes input variables and references to create custom slicing profiles

This tool allows you to download the entire sliced gcode file for printing. Or you can select layers from the sliced object and just print them. This can be useful when using multiple extruders that have different slicing. 

LabBot 3D robotic scheduler software slicing tool features download all layers as one object or select layers
LabBot 3D slicing tool allows you to select layers which is useful when working with different (inks) that require different slicing conditions



labbot3d paste selected layers to create a macro
Software allows you to paste selected layers to create a macro then you can integrate the 3-D printing with other processes