LabBot Gantry

LabBot is a modular 3D printer platform that is designed for diverse laboratory automation processes. It is an XYZ positioning system that can be set up to do laboratory automation processes but can also be configured to do fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing. This is just a base positioning system that works with RepRap 3D printing electronics like the LabAutoBox system.   
  1. CoreXY 3D printer
  2. 1 Z drive

Example of how LabBots have been utilized are demonstrated in the following links:

  1. 2D bar code scanning
  2. 96 well pipetting
  3. Acoustic piezoelectric dispensing
  4. ELISA plate reader








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Lab automation configuration

LabBot lab automation configuration that includes a moving in XY direction motorized z axis and a fixed deck
LabBot modular 3D printer for laboratory automation comes with an XYZ positioning system and an adjustable deck (it doesn’t move, this feature is available).
LabBot linear actuator for z drive that moves in the XY by connecting to the coreXY gantry shuttle
Z drive linear actuator that comes with the LabBot liquid handling configuration. This linear actuator connects to the coreXY shuttle enabling it to move in the XY direction.

More details on how to set up the LabBot as a liquid handler are diagrammed on the LabAutoBox page. 

FDM 3D printing configuration

LabBot configured to do FDM 3d printing
This configuration shows how the LabBot system can be configured to do 3D printing. This would come with a moveable bed (up and down) and a filament extruder

To set up the LabBot to do FDM, an option is in to set up a motorized deck and in this case the moving Z axis can be replaced with an FDM extruder. 

LabBot 3D printing configuration the bed is motorized and can move up and down and the moving z axis is replaced with a fixed FDM extruder
Shown are the parts associated to configuring a LabBot to function as a FDM 3D printer. The moving head has a direct drive FDM extruder and this can be easily removed if you want to convert it back to a lab automation configuration (ie., like a liquid handler or imager). 

Please inquire if there is interest in using the LabBot as a 3D printer.