LabBot scheduler software for 3-D circuit printing

One of the developmental directions going on is to create a solution that integrates electronics into the part as its getting printed in 3-D. To do this, the LabBot is being adapted to work with 3 different types of nozzles: 1. pick and place vacuum aspirator, 2. conductive paste extruder and 3. FDM direct drive extruder. The LabBot scheduling software has already been designed and described here at There is also a camera that is used for visualizing part positions.

LabBot configuration that integrates circuit fabrication with 3-D printing
LabBot modification that makes it possible to 3-D print and to print traces and place parts for circuit fabrication. There are 3 nozzles: 1) pick and place aspirator tool 2) conductive paste extruder which is heatable and 3) FDM direct drive extruder. The print head also has a camera for visualizing parts

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