Motorized Bed Assembly

For configuring a LabBot to function as a standard FDM 3D printer (printing things like 1.75mm filament), it is advantageous to use a motorized Z bed rather than the XY directional moving linear actuator. In this case the extruding nozzles would just move in the XY direction and the printing area would move up and down. 

Motorized Z bed assembly for LabBot to make it an FDM 3D printer
Motorized z bed assembly can be added to a LabBot to make the Z bed move up and down which is nice for convention FDM-based 3D printing. The system comes with 2 stepper motors and limit switch and flag that triggers it. It also has compression spring corner adjustment tools for leveling the bed. 

It is possible to have both options but for laboratory automation configurations the motorized Z bed is not a standard feature. So it is an accessory option. This thing can drop into a LabBot. It will look something like this. 

Motorized Z bed assembly connected to the LabBot to do FDM 3D printing
Motorized Z bed assembly connected to the LabBot