Multichannel Syringe Pump

This is an 8 syringe multichannel stepper motor-driven syringe pump. It works with disposable syringes which can be easily sterilized. The system can be used to do accurate liquid handling this is demonstrated here

The system includes:

    1. 8 disposable 1ml syringes (that are autoclaveable)
    2. Arduino based control electronics (command-line interface software can work with any computer)
    3. 12 volt power supply
    4. Tubing and Luer-lock fittings
    5. Mechanical endstop homing
Multichannel syringe pump
The multichannel syringe pump is designed to work with 8 1ml disposable syringes. Since the plunger is rubber you need to use this with a valve (which is also provided) so that you change directions (going input) before aspirating and dispensing (in output). If this is implemented it is possible to get accuracy liquid handling by compensating for backlash.