Part crusher and extruder for making parts using recycled plastic

Recycling plastics is an emerging and needed area that compliments 3-D printing. Another program cooking is to create a system for fabricating LabBots and other types of 3-D parts using recycled plastic. One of the ideas is to set up special configured 3-D printers with solutions for recycling plastics.

The idea is to pulverize plastic parts into small bits that can be melted and reformed into filaments that can be used for 3-D printing. We are working on two systems to do this. The first being the part shredder and the second the filament extruder. Hopefully soon we can update more about this technology and eventually integrate this into the LabBot ecosystem.

Plastic part shredder for recycling 3-D printing
Plastic shredder for crushing plastic parts into little pieces that can then be put into the filament extruder
Filament extruder for recycling plastic
Filament extruder for forming 3-D printed filament from recycled plastic

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