PCR on a 3D printer

LabBot is essentially a 3D printer and this example demonstrates how to configure a system to run as a PCR machine. The motivation for developing this is that 3D printers can also be seen as platforms for developing laboratory automation. They can be used to make the parts for assembling systems and work on open source toolchains (mechanical, electrical, and software) processes which we build on.

That is what this shop is all about. Demonstrating how 3D printers can be used as lab automation platforms and creating educational tools to support people to use them for this purpose. Great healthcare access is about sustainability and these have both socioeconomic and environmental impacts (since the reactions can be performed consuming minimal plastic waste and 3D printers can be made in many different ways). Harnessing the potential of 3D printers as a healthcare tool can be constructive in improving the current situation. 

This example demonstrates how to use a relatively reliable commonly used thermocycling PCR reaction using a Taqman probe. The system is like real-time PCR, because the tube-based reactions are monitored after so many cycles which can be user-defined. 

Details are posted https://www.htsresources.com/wpstuff/pcr-with-taqman-probe-on-labbot-3d-printer/.

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