Pipette Wash Stations

Wash stations for pipette tips enable the possibility of recycling these dispensers. Normally these tools work with two peristaltic pumps (one for perfusing the wash station and the other for collecting the waste). Also, these wash stations also work with a syringe pump (like the multichannel syringe pump) that is used for perfusing the inside of the pipette tip while the tips are also being washed outside using the wash peristaltic pump.

While the pipettes are dried using the dry pad area, it is good to record the positions so that the tips go to a new one every time. If there is a need for this, we provide a Raspberry Pi that has control software that does this and this tool is offered as an optional feature. 

The system includes:

    1. Wash station consistent of wash, waste, and touch dry area
    2. Dry fleece and soft adhesive for attaching it
    3. Tubing for inlet and outlet
    4. Optional: peristaltic pump set
    5. Optional: control electronics, command-line software, and power supply
    6. Optional: Raspberry Pi IoT module for control that includes tracking dry pad positions
Wash station for pipette tips
This is a wash station for pipettes. This makes it possible to recycle pipette tips. It has a wash station, waste collection station, and a touch dry area (where a dry fleece can be attached). It works with 2 peristaltic pumps (one for perfusing wash fluid and the other for removing the waste).