Pipette/Tube Imager

IThis imaging station is designed to measure fluorescence abundance in the pipette tip or tube attached to it. It was designed for real-time PCR imaging but it could be used for monitoring other types of reactions as well. The fluorescence color detection scheme is FAM/FITC/FAM.

The system includes:

  1. Mechanical assembly
  2. Raspberry Pi and camera
  3. Optics for fluorescence detection
  4. Control electronics
  5. Software control
Construction of the pipette tip or tube imager
Raspberry Pi based imager that can be used for visualizing pipette tips or tubes connected to them. This camera was designed for a Taqman based PCR assay
Taqman probe PCR on 3D printer
Example of how to use a LabBot 3D printer to do Taqman PCR
graph plotting the Taqman signal demonstrating how it works on a 3D printer
Comparison between a template and no template are plotted to demonstrate how the PCR amplified nucleic acid signal can be detected

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