Video targeting for pick and place applications

Using a camera makes it more convenient to select target areas for positioning a nozzle. The example demonstrates how the LabBot scheduler software can work with video targeting for pick and place applications. In order to use this, the image resolution (which will vary depending on the distance from the camera to the target and the camera focus) and the distance from the nozzle to the viewing area needs to be calculated. The image processing tool makes it possible to enter the values in order to calculate the target position which is displayed that can be send eventually to the LabBot scheduler macro.

LabBot configuration that integrates circuit fabrication with 3-D printing
LabBot modification that makes it possible to 3-D print and to print traces and place parts for circuit fabrication. There are 3 nozzles: 1) pick and place aspirator tool 2) conductive paste extruder which is heatable and 3) FDM direct drive extruder. The print head also has a camera for visualizing parts the offsets are used to calculate the difference between the nozzle and the camera viewing area.
LabBot camera controller tool for taking images
LabBot robotic scheduler enables the possibility of selecting cameras over the network, this camera makes it possible to adjust the focus and exposure. The images can be saved in a timestamp folder and displayed. There is a link for loading the image into the coordinate mapper tool for mapping coordinates within the image.
LabBot coordinate mapper tool for selecting targets within image which is used for pick and place applications
LabBot coordinate mapper tool makes it possible to click on targets displayed in the image and have the coordinates displayed. There are inputs for adjusting the resolution (mm per pixel) and offsets from the nozzle to the camera.
LabBot pick and place example
After the target is selected the coordinate is displayed this factors in the offsets from the nozzle to the camera.

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