Linear Actuator

Having a linear actuator the fits on the XY moving gantry shuttle is useful for liquid handling and pick and place applications. After numerous iterations, we have developed a lightweight, yet sturdy linear actuator that can be easily attached and removed. Having this flexibility is useful if one day the system is used as a laboratory automation tool and the next day it is used as an FDM 3D printer printing 1.75mm diameter PLA filament. 

Linear actuator z drive having small form factor that fits on 3D printer shuttles
The linear actuator fits on the gantry XY moving shuttle. The moving plate green has holes for connecting pipette tips (or dispensing nozzles). This is a lightweight tool that can be easily removed. 


Attaching pipetting attachment tool is available as an option. 

LabBot liquid handler attachment tool
The pipetting attachment tool is shown, and this is how the LabBot can be set up as a liquid handler


The moving Z drive linear actuator module attaches to the attachment plate that is located on the gantry shuttle. 

3D printer gantry linear actuator where it attaches to convert a 3D printer to a liquid handler
The front side of the XY directional moving gantry shuttle is where the linear actuator attaches to.