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LabBot 3-D pipetting system

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Rapid filling
Line items
  1. Raspberry Pi computer running the LabBot Robotic Schedular software
  2. CoreXY printer
  3. Stepper motor driven syringe pump driving 8 1ml syringes and 8 servo driven 4-way valves
  4. Pressure compensation vessel
  5. RAMPS electronics with Marlin Firmware
  6. Stepper motor driven Z axis for moving pipette tips
  7. Pipette tip wash station and pipette tip removal module
LabBot 3-D printer configuration for FFF 3-D printing
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This is a coreXY positioning system that includes an 8 channel syringe pump and 8 servo driven 4-way valves. This pipetting tool can load, wash and eject multiple types of pipette tips. The bed is fixed but the pipettes move up and down using a stepper motor driven linear actuator. The LabAutoBox while included in the system is a separate box from the LabBot which includes the microfluidics and control electronics.